1. Silly christmas text

    If you wake up and Santa is jacking off over your head its ok i told him you wanted a white Christmas….

    If your walking down the street and a fat man puts you in a bag don’t cry cuz i asked for you for Christmas

    the holiday boner war has offically begun .. So bone everyone … But you cant bone the one who boned you so suck it i got you first

  2. Internet assignment

    My teacher gave everyone this assignment, to check out different websites and look at them and we had to check out






    we had to look at them write a Bio, target market(which is the sex, age, of people who might got to these websites) and strengths and weaknesses

    the dirty we website was interesting some of the illustrations i actually understood being and artist myself but some where messed up just a little but but it is ok its good to be different.

    whateverlife is really girlie too girlie  for me but its good if you like that kinda stuff.

    rejuvenate was nice i didn’t like how you have to scroll down a lot but it wasn’t how the person who created the website wanted it to turn out she payed someone to make it for her. i know this because she is my teacher. she is so awesome and up beat too.!!

    I love they way she teaches and i really don’t get why some of the kids don’t like her because she is so talkative and up beat, but to each their own i guess

    anyways I think they all did a really good set up so now what i challenge you guys to do is tell me what you think about my website, tell what i could do better.

    Thanks for reading this

    peace and love

  3. Top ten songs of the week

    1. smell the roses by Natasha Beddingfield

    2.skin deep by kee kee palmer

    3. outta my system by bow wow

    4. 26 years 17 days by Lyfe Jennings

    5.Temporary home by Carrie Underwood

    6. comedies by Dane Cook

    7. daddy’s little girl by Frankie J

    8. all around me by Flyleaf

    9.so sick by Fyleaf

    10. brick by boring brick by paramore

  4. Smell the roses by Natasha Beddingfield

    I’ve been living in a room without windows

    Away form the sun, no oxygen

    i couldn’t tell if it was day or night

    Away from the sun, growing nowhere fast

    Rushing along on the pavement

    don’t even look at the peoples faces, going places

    when an old man said stop

    you nearly step on a flower

    growing through the cracks

    and you didnt even notice

    wake up smell the roses

    life is happening and you dont notice

    wake up take the moment

    grab it in your hands and own it.

    I realise our love is like that flower

    neglecting the things most precious to me

    you’ve been talking but i havent been listening

    the static in the noice been drowning you out

    i so wanna be in the future

    that i keep tripping

    over my own shoe laces

    in these human races

    and i’m brought back to now

    and the volume goes down

    there’s peace in his words as loud as a shout sayin’

    wake up smell the roses

     life is happening and you dont notice

    wake up take the momment

    grab it in your hand .. and own it

    he says

    Wake up smell the roses

    life is happening and you dont notice

    wake up take the momment

    and grab it in your hands.. and own it

    like your birthday i forgot

    i was with you

    But i was not .. really there

    snap your fingers, thats your life

    not gonna let it pass me by no

    when and lold man say stop

    you nealy stepped on a flower

    grown through the cracks

    and you didnt even notice

    wake up smell the roses

    life is happening and you dont notice

    wake up take the momment

    grab it in your hands .. and own it

  5. Change

    I am tired of all the negativity lately. It seems that everyone is down in the dumps. what for? why would you want to be? i mean you can always change that around for yourself. you can look at things differently in a more positive way. But some people do not know how to do that. look people you deserve to be happy. make the best of your life you only have one so live it to the fullest.

    Wouldn’t you want that for yourself? to be happy, without worry or drama, positive, glowing?  Only you can make that happen, so go for it!

  6. Pennies for Danielle Roy

    • Raising money for Danelle!! who is with me??
    • Come on guyss!!! its just pennies!!
  7. Christmas wish list for everyone!

    1.  I wish you all the joy and christmas spirit and for the up coming new year.
    2. I wish you a white christmas with warmish weather
    3. i wish you the ability for forgive and forget all your problems
    4. I wish you a house over your head
    5. i wish you food in you stomache
    6. i wish you a warm bed to sleep in
    7. i wish you love other the holidays and year to come
    8. i wish you the courage to change what needs to be changed
    9. I wish you that all your wishes come true over the christmas and new years.
    10. But remeber Christmas is not about getting it about giving. even if you have no money the best gift you could ever give someone is love, support, loyaly and understanding, things that you can not by in the store

                                       Good luck to everyone

    God bless you!!!!


    That is a very good Question, i think my favorite inanimate object would have to be my ipod, because i love music.

  9. What do you think?

    • I just wanted to see what you guys thought about my poem.
    • I am ... Remembrance
    • By: Me
    • I am on duty 24/7
    • I wonder when I will see my family next.
    • I hear shots echoing in the distance, screams of pain echo in my head.
    • I see my own troops go down,
    • I want to end this.
    • I am Scared.
    • I pretend I’m safe from harm and I can go home soon.
    • I feel a bullet wedge in my arm.
    • I touch the wound in pain.
    • I worry about my family, dying before my child is born.
    • I cry at the thought I may never see my family again.
    • I am weakened.
    • I understand how other soldiers must feel.
    • I say a prayer for everyone.
    • I dream that night I am home with my family.
    • I try to be stronger, try to hold on.
    • I hope I will live to see another day.
    • I am a strong, brave Solider.


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